How To Cancel Your Ebay Account

06 Nov

First make sure that you really want to do this,Once you have closed this account, eBay will not let you make another one under the same user ID or email address ever again. You can make a new account if you use a new user ID and email address.

Next Sign into your account.

Now check and see if you owe or are owed any money you cant close a account that’s owed or owes money. Click on “Submit a request to close your account.”

You can also find the close account link as follows: Sign in, go to the “Help Topics” drop down menu in the right hand corner, and open. In the search bar, type in “close account” and the return “closing your eBay account” will appear.

You will be asked why you are closing your account – answer as wished. Then, click on the line “No, please close my account”, and click to agreeing to the having read the information eBay provides on closing the account.

The account won’t close immediately – eBay imposes a waiting period to ensure that all your transactions are closed.

You cannot bid, list, buy, or change your contact information during this waiting period. You can access your personal details, however.

An email will be sent to you confirming closure of your account once the waiting period expires.


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