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How to Cancel Your Facebook Ad?

27 Sep

Sign into your Facebook account, click Advertising”, then click “Manage Existing Ads.”  Open the ad campaign, then click the individual ad you want to cancel. Choose “Pause”  for temporary removal, or “Delete” to permanently erase the ad.


How To Cancel Your FreeCreditScore Account?

27 Sep

In order to cancel your Free Credit Score account, contact customer care at (877) 300-2506. You may cancel, but you will not be eligible for a refund of your membership fees.


How to Cancel Your Free Credit Report Account?

27 Sep

In order to cancel your account, you will need to contact their customer care at 1-877-481-6826. You will not be, however refunded the membership fees.

If you want to avoid credit card charges from, you have to cancel your account before the trial period ends.


How To Cancel Your Flipkart Order?

27 Sep

If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so online, but only before the product has been shipped. Your entire order amount will be refunded.  An order cannot be cancelled in case a delivery has already been made.


How To Cancel Your Fitness First Membership?

27 Sep

You can cancel your Fitness First membership, but before you do that refer to the minimum period requirement on the front of your agreement. If the reason of your cancellation is that your membership package is no longer suited to your needs, their helpful staff will happily make an adjustment.

Call 08445 713 402 or visit your club in order to make changes or to cancel your account.


How To Cancel Your Flight Ticket?

27 Sep

In order to cancel your flight ticket, first review fare conditions to determine whether a refund is possible, and if you will have to pay a fee. Contact your airline by phone, request a refund via their website, or contact your travel agent.

If you did not buy traveler’s insurance, you will have to pay a fee, but this is much better than losing all of your money.


How To Cancel Your Now TV?

27 Sep

In order to Cancel the Now TV account after (or during) the trial period go through the following steps:

1.  Sign in to

2. Click on the ”my account” link at the top left hand corner of the screen

3. Click on ”manage change payments” on the new window

4. Click on the subscriptions tab and in there you will see the switch for ‘auto-renew’

5. Turn this off.

You will, in all probability not receive an email confirming this, so if you wish to be extra sure you can call up their customer care and ask for confirmation that the account subscription has been cancelled.


How To Cancel Your NetFlix Free Trial?

27 Sep

You may cancel your NetFlix membership at any time. You will not receive a refunds on the payments made.

In order to cancel the NetFlix free trial, visit and click on “Cancel Membership” on the “Your Account” page and follow the instructions under “Cancel Membership.”


How To Cancel Your NBA League Pass?

27 Sep

Login to your account, choosing “My Subscriptions” then click on “Manage My Subscriptions” and the Reference ID you wish to manage.  Now choose “Manage My Subscription” and a reason for cancellation.  Finally,  click Cancel Subscription.  For further assistance, submit a ticket through the Support Center.


How To Cancel NetFlix On PS3?

27 Sep

Turn on the PS3. Press the “PS” button on your controller to open a menu.  Scroll to highlight Video, highlighting the “Netflix” app.  Press the “Triangle” button to open a list of options, choosing “Delete” and confirm.


How to Cancel Acai Berry

27 Sep

There are over 30 companies that sell Acai Berry most of them with some sort of free trials. Most of them are scams that charge consumers even after they cancel you should call the number you see on your credit card statement to cancel your subscription.


How to Cancel Advanced Cleanse

27 Sep

Advanced Cleanse is one of the leading colon cleanse products on the market today.

To cancel Advanced Cleanse you can call them Phone: 877-244-0123 or you can email them


How to Cancel Best Benefits

27 Sep

Best Benefits is a health care program for the uninsured. Best Benefits is not a health care provider, nor should it be considered insurance. Rather, Best Benefits is a program that works with health care providers to provide deep discounts for patients that do not have insurance.

The best way to cancel Best Benefits is to mail them at:

Member Services, 8770 W. Bryn Mawr, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60631

You can also cancel by calling the number on your membership card.


How to Cancel Colon Cleanse

27 Sep

The best way to cancel Colon Cleanse is to call them.

3295 Eric Blvd
Park City, Illinois
United States
Phone: 224-610-0426


How to Cancel Dermitage

27 Sep

Dermitage is a set of breakthrough anti-aging products said to reveal more youthful skin in many adults.

To cancel Dermitage you have to call them at 800-886-8805


How to Cancel Fibra Detox

27 Sep

Fibra Detox is one of the latest cleansing products on the market that promises fast weight loss results.

If you wish to cancel your Fibra Detox membership there are three ways to do it:

1. Call their toll-free number 1-800-532-1891

2. Email Fibra Detox at

3. Fill out the cancellation form on the Fibra Detox website


How to cancel Jenny Craig

27 Sep

Jenny Craig provides Weight loss products and programs as well as tips on cooking light and dietary supplements.

1 Review your contract for the “cancellation” and “termination” clauses. Via the Jenny Craig website, “You may terminate this Agreement at any time.” You’re not permanently bound to your contract, however exiting your contract might cost you part of your initial investment.

2 Review your Jenny Craig contract dates. The Jenny Craig contract has a three day refund clause. If you’re within three days of your contract you can rightfully cancel your contract and receive a full refund. Otherwise, you might receive a partial refund depending on how far you are into your contract and the cost of food consumed.

3 Call Jenny Craig 800-597-5366 and talk to a representative about the cancellation and refund options available to you. You’ll be prompted to send in a cancellation request via fax or mail.

4 Mail in a cancellation request letter. Per the Jenny Craig contract, ” the customer will be refunded in 10 days upon receipt of their cancellation request.”


How to Cancel LeanSpa

27 Sep

LeanSpa is another fad weight-loss company promising rapid weight loss for consumers.

In order to cancel your LeanSpa membership, you must mail a cancellation letter to LeanSpa 181 Marsh Hill Road Orange, CT 06477 In order to receive a full refund you must also return the unused product.


How to Cancel Massage Envy

27 Sep

Massage Envy is a popular chain of massage parlors all over the United States.

To cancel your membership you have to go into the store and fill out a form, and then they charge you for another 30 days.


How to Cancel Natural Best Cleanse

27 Sep

Natural Best Cleanse boasts an herbal composite that includes ginger root, fennel seed and other natural ingredients to help you energize and lower cholesterol levels.

You can cancel your Natural Best Cleanse subscription three ways:

1. Call 1-888-824-1123

2. Send a cancellation letter to 8044 Montgomery Road Suite Cincinnati, OH 45236

3. Email your cancellation request to


How to cancel Natural Nectar

27 Sep

Natural Nectar is a company offering health supplements, diet aids, nutrition pills and other products that help people rid their bodies of toxins in order to shed weight and feel healthier.

you can cancel by filling out their form here or calling 631-367-7280


How to cancel Proactiv

26 Sep

Proactiv is one of the leading acne fighting treatments on the market. With a unique combination of skin clearing products, and a handful of celebrity endorsements.

Call the Proactiv customer support line at 1-800-866-9717 and request a cancellation.


How to cancel Pure Cleanse

26 Sep

The Pure Cleanse Pro plan is supposed to help you flatten your belly, clean unwanted toxins out of your body and boost your colon health.

to cancel Pure Cleanse call them at (800) 920-2383 and follow the instructions.


How to cancel RipFire

26 Sep

RipFire is the ultimate nutritional supplement for bodybuilders and other extreme workout fans. Boasting a muscle-building blend of ingredients, RipFire claims to be able to boost nitric oxide levels, which is a key component to building muscle. RipFire also claims it is able to improve fatigue and increase energy.

you can cancel your RipFire subscription anytime by dialing their toll-free number 1-877-416-9191


How to cancel UltraLife Fitness

26 Sep

Ultralife Fitness is know for enrolling customers in memberships without customer consent.

To cancel Ultrallife fitness please call 800-757-1279 and follow the prompts.