How to cancel Jenny Craig

27 Sep

Jenny Craig provides Weight loss products and programs as well as tips on cooking light and dietary supplements.

1 Review your contract for the “cancellation” and “termination” clauses. Via the Jenny Craig website, “You may terminate this Agreement at any time.” You’re not permanently bound to your contract, however exiting your contract might cost you part of your initial investment.

2 Review your Jenny Craig contract dates. The Jenny Craig contract has a three day refund clause. If you’re within three days of your contract you can rightfully cancel your contract and receive a full refund. Otherwise, you might receive a partial refund depending on how far you are into your contract and the cost of food consumed.

3 Call Jenny Craig 800-597-5366 and talk to a representative about the cancellation and refund options available to you. You’ll be prompted to send in a cancellation request via fax or mail.

4 Mail in a cancellation request letter. Per the Jenny Craig contract, ” the customer will be refunded in 10 days upon receipt of their cancellation request.”


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